Beter Duurzaam

Looking for a sustainable energy solution? We are ready for you

We need energy, but so does the earth. We obtain sustainable energy from the sun, so that we can continue to enjoy the earth.

Our goal is to install as many cost-effective solar power systems as possible together with you and thereby generate sustainable energy. There are many possibilities for this in, for example, subsidies, systems and the total sustainability plan. Beter Duurzaam is available for both businesses and consumers. We give you clear and honest advice about your sustainability plan, after which we have the installation and maintenance carried out by our professionals.

Our secret: Thorough knowledge, extensive experience, advice at your location and motivated professionals!

History Beter Duurzaam

2013: Sustainability dairy farms
2015: Solar panels for land and horticulture and intensive livestock farming
2017: Solar panels for new construction and renovation projects
2019: Collaboration with major installers such as Unica, ITN, Dura Vermeer and Kropman
2021: Battery storage for existing and new relationships; Collaboration Tesla Blue Planet and Kiwat

Business and private solutions

  • Solar power installations
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar water heaters
  • Charging stations
  • Battery / Storage
  • An in-house team
    • Consultants
    • Mechanics
    • Project supervisors
    • Service employees

Our core values

  • Social & sustainable employership
  • Investing in coaching & training
  • Attention to work atmosphere & safety
  • Open & transparent communication
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality and safety

Service area

We serve the business market throughout the Netherlands.

We started in the consumer market in Apeldoorn and now we're expanding to Deventer, Zwolle, Harderwijk and Epe.

Creil - Oijevaar

We provided a lot of solar panels for Gebr. Oijevaar & Zn from Creil (Flevoland). The company grows flower bulbs that are grown by fellow growers in the Netherlands and abroad into tulips and lilies for the vase, in other words bulbs for flowers. The organization attaches great importance to sustainability and attention to the environment. We were pleased to help this company with a sustainable energy solution!

Emmeloord Waterman Onions

We felt happy when we received the order to install the solar panels at Waterman Onions. The company is a well-known professional and has been a household name in the world of arable farming for many years. After a number of consultations, a system consisting of SolarEdge inverters and optimizers was chosen. In total, 3,800 SunPower P-series solar panels generate approximately 1.13MWh per year on an annual basis, which is equivalent to the consumption of more than 300 households. We offer SunPower because of the very high quality of the panel. The risk of this product is also lower and the yields of your solar power system are higher. A win-win situation: advantage for the end user and for us as a supplier.

Creil - Veco

We provided more than two thousand solar panels at VECO Groenten en Bloembollen BV in the Noordoostpolder. Veco BV is a family business founded in 1975 and since then a household name in the field of canned vegetables and frozen food industry. Vegetables are processed here into semi-finished products for industrial customers. They process about 40,000 tons of vegetables every year! Veco has a food safety certificate and is also qualified as a sustainable arable farm. In addition, the company is certified to process organic products. With a permanent team of 35 employees and 140 temporary employees, all products are processed at one company location.

Emmeloord - Molnopex

We provided a lot of solar panels for Molnopex. It was a very interesting project for a onion sorting company. Molnopex is known for onion sorting and packaging in Emmeloord. The core activities of the company consist of drying, custom sorting and inspection of quality and packaging of onions. They are also known for their great customer service. We were very pleased with the result for this client!

Nagele - Hangranop

We provided a lot of solar panels for Hangranop. Hagranop B.V. is an international company engaged in harvesting, cultivation, storage and trade in carrots. Quality is very important for Hangranop. We were pleased to create a sustainable energy solution for Hangranop!

Dronten - de Meerhof

Since 2003, the Arable and Fruit Farm 'De Meerhof' on the Rendierweg in Dronten has been run by Aard and Greeke Robaard. The organization attaches great importance to a healthy future perspective, sustainability and quality. Among other things, they are engaged in sustainable agriculture, arable farming and fruit cultivation. We have realized a beautiful assignment for this customer.

Berkhout - A7 Flowers

We felt pleased when we received the order to install the solar panels at Waterman Onions. A7 Flowers is specialized in forcing and growing tulips. They are located in Berkhout. We are very happy with the result!